Sunday, November 27, 2011

Because Two People Fell in Love...

Dear Baby Barrow,

I have been BLESSED! Heavenly Father has blessed me time and time again, and he continues to bless me EVERYDAY. As this Thanksgiving weekend was coming to a close, I was reminded over and over again just how blessed I am.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family of amazing, talented, and loving individuals. Together, we complete the puzzle. I am so grateful for all of them and feel blessed to have them in my life. You will feel the same as their love will surround you and you will feel blessed to be part of such an amazing family.

Top: Mommy, Aunt Ashlee, Aunt Riss Middle: Daddy, Cousin Kennedy, Uncle Ty, Uncle B, Cousin Shane Bottom: Nani, Papi, Cousin Raiden

I have been blessed with the great parents on Earth. Like Nephi says, "Having been born of goodly parents"...I, too, was born of goodly parents. They worked so hard to make sure that I had a better childhood than they did. They always showed me unconditional love while teaching me the values that have shaped me into the man I am today. I owe so much to them and I will forever be indebted to them for all they have done and continue to do for me. Bringing you into this world will help pay a little of that debt because Nani and Papi LOVE their grandkids. You will be blessed, like me, to have them in your life.

Growing up, your Uncle B taught me a lot (or so he will tell you). However, I think I taught him more. You will probably hear the "heated" debate one day. Your Uncle B and Aunt Riss have taught your mommy and me a lot about being good parents. I also feel very blessed that they trusted us to "kidnap" your cousins, Kennedy and Shane, on a regular basis. We got a lot of good practice in with them. They are so excited for your arrival. Kennedy cannot wait to hold you and Shane cannot wait to give you high-fives.

Ashlee, Ty, and Raiden live in Utah, but we were blessed to have them with us for Thanksgiving this year. Mommy and Aunt Ashlee talk a lot since Raiden will be just under a year older than you when you arrive. Aunt Ash gives mommy some pointers on how to handle some of the "joys" of being pregnant. I know your mommy finds comfort in her talks or texting sessions with Aunt Ash and I feel very blessed for that. Your Uncle Ty can teach you how to put the sleeper hold on someone better than anybody! And, Raiden will be your slightly older sidekick for years to come.

With all the blessings that Heavenly Father has bestowed upon me, there is one that is greater than any of them. Heavenly Father sent me an angel that you will call "Mommy". He sent me one of his most prized daughters to be my wife and the mother of my child (YOU!). What an amazing blessing it is to have her as my wife. And, what an amazing blessing, it will be to have you as my child! I want you to know just how much I love your mommy. She is very special to me.

Your mommy saved my life. She was there for me through thick and thin. You and her are the reason that I am here today. Heavenly Father had a greater calling for me than I could have EVER imagined. He called on my to be the husband to an angel and he also decided to let me be the father to one of his precious children. I don't know how I got so blessed, and I never feel like I deserve it...but, he knows what he is, I will just go with it.

Your mommy is a beautiful woman. She is a rare treasure in this world. There is a song that reminds me of your mommy that says "she is an angel sent from above" and I know that she was. I know that Heavenly Father knew that I needed her in my life. She makes me a better person. She makes my heart skip a beat. She makes me smile. She makes my life wonderful. She makes me happy. She makes me feel alive. And, most of all, she makes me feel loved. I love her with all my heart and soul. She owns my heart, much like you do. She is a gorgeous angel that I am blessed to call my wife. One day, you will either grow up to be like her or want to marry a woman like her. She is truly "One Of A Kind". will come quicker than we will be here and I will be able to hold you and kiss your little head. I cannot wait for that day, but for now, I will give your mommy's tummy a kiss for you!

I hope that we can be as good of parents to you as my parents have been to me. If there is one thing that my dad has taught me, it is to treat my wife and the mother of my child, the love of my life, with the utmost love and respect. She deserves the world and I strive everyday to give it to her. I love her very much and I need you to know how special she is to me. She will be as special to you as she is to me. Blessings like her do not come around often, so when they do, you hold them tight, cherish them, and never let them go. I love her and I love you!

Love Daddy

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Times...

Dear Baby Barrow,

At the beginning of 2011, your Uncle B joined the Army Reserves to serve our wonderful nation. During that time, when Aunt Riss was working, your mommy and I would watch Kennedy & Shane. We did all sorts of fun activities. We went to feed the fish at the lake, the circus, the Shark Reef, the Secret Garden, the park, and tons of other fun places. As I spent time with them each week, I could help but want a child of my own to spend time with.

I cannot wait until you arrive, so we can have great times doing all sorts of fun stuff. I am so excited to be your dad. Your cousins are excited too. They cannot wait to go do fun stuff with you.

I love you!

Love Daddy

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Always A Reminder...

Dear Baby Barrow,

When mommy told me she was pregnant with you, she gave me a little pair of Jordan's as a surprise. These shoes will always be a reminder to me of the day I found out you were coming. They will also always make me think of you when I see them.

I decided to hang them from the rearview mirror of my car, so that everyday when I am driving to and from work, I can remember the moment I found out you would be coming. It also helps me to remember why I work so hard for our family.

Everytime I see those shoes hanging from my mirror, I think of you and a smile comes to my face. You also help to remind me to wear my seatbelt and drive safe because I have more than just myself to take care of.
These shoes will ALWAYS remind me of you and everytime I see them...I smile.

Love Daddy

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Beat of the Heart....

Dear Baby Barrow,

The past week has been very busy for your mommy and you. This week is the 6th week that your mommy has been pregnant with you. Some amazing things are happening. This week, your heart begins to beat! I cried a little when I read that and I cried a little more when I wrote that. You heart is officially beating. You are only as big as a grain of rice this week, but the most important part of you is beginning to work today. I cannot wait until I can hear your little heartbeat for the first time. I cannot with until I can hold you and feel your heartbeat. It is incredible to think that you are growing inside your mommy right now. Two hearts beating together.

"A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty."

Even though you are not here yet, just knowing that you are growing has brought a change to my life. You have already filled my heart with so much love that "you filled a place in my heart that I never knew was empty". And, I will be forever grateful to you for that.

Love Daddy