Friday, May 03, 2013

Art Time...

Your mommy has always been extremely active in your development. She works tirelessly with you guys. She has pushed your guys to sit, roll, and crawl. She has pushed your eye/hand coordination, your pincher skills, and so much more.
For quite a while, she has been doing sensory time with you guys. During this time, you guys will play with water, cool whip paint or countless other things. It is pretty fun to watch you guys as both of you love each and every minute of it.
Art time is definitely a time you guys love. Whether it is on the iPad, with crayons, or paint (cool whip style), the art you make is pretty cool. And, the majority of the time it finds its way onto the refrigerator.  

Brax, you sometimes end up a little messy but that's alright. Bossy and I just have to keep you from eating it. 
You guys are so blessed to have a loving mother who is so eager to give you a head start in life. I am amazed by how active you are, how smart you are and how quickly you are developing. Keep up the hard work.
I love you guys.

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