Saturday, May 18, 2013

Splash Park Fun...

Boston & Braxton,
This week, Mommy took you guys to the Splash Park for the first time. You guys absolutely loved it. You were giggling the entire time. Your mommy is a pretty amazing person. She was brave enough to wrangle both of you at the Splash Park. She is crazy, but we love her.

On Saturday, we went back to the Splash Park and had some more fun. I love watching you guys play in the water with big smiles on your faces.

justindalebarrow's Splash Park Fun album on Photobucket

At the end of the day, Braxton, you got stung by a bee. You showed off your super quick reflexes and caught the bee in your hand. He stung you. But, you were a tough little guy and in the words of Papi, "just rubbed some dirt on it".

I love you guys!

Thanks for a super fun weekend.



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