Thursday, April 25, 2013

Small Actions...

One thing I want you to remember is that small actions can change some one's life, make them smile, and/or brighten their day. Far too often in this life, we get caught up in our worries that we forget about others. However, we should never be too busy to share a smile, a laugh, a kind word, or our time. I try to practice those things on a daily basis, but I cannot say that I always succeed. Yesterday, I was reminded of how kind a person can be.
While I was sitting at my desk on my birthday, a super sweet and funny lady that I work with brought me a birthday present. I was quite surprised to receive a gift. But, I was not surprised by her kindness as she is one of the most generous people I know. This small act helped make my birthday special. It helped remind me the kindness of people. Also, inside my awesome birthday gift, there was a special present for you guys. A movie that I think you guys like...
So, remember to be kind. Remember to think of others. Remember to share joy with others.
I love you guys.
PS: Thanks Tiana for thinking of my boys and myself.

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